Anthony Danti joins MSE Team

January 10, 2024

From working in the energy industry for over 20 years, Anthony Danti has not only witnessed, but has been a leading participant in the actual “Energy Transition” from oil pipelines and gas fired thermal generation to solar and wind generation facilities and battery storage facilities.  Anthony’s work with several world leading renewable energy developers gave him insight into an underappreciated but highly important part of the renewable energy space – land acquisition, ownership, and leasing.  Anthony worked with some of the investors pioneering transactions in the renewable energy space but knew there was a better way of structuring a business that benefited both landowners looking for the best use and value for their land, and renewable energy developers looking for cost effective and efficient use of their capital and land holdings.

Anthony’s fortuitous meeting with Pete Harsy, founder of Madison Street Energy in early 2023, made him realize that he had found the perfect platform for working in the renewable energy real estate market.  MSE, lead by team members with decades of experience in developing and financing renewable energy as well as real estate development and transactions, is one of the leading companies in this rapidly growing field.  Renewable Energy real estate sits at the confluence of ESG investing, real property ownership and use, fixed income type safe and recurring returns and the Energy Transition.  If you are a landowner thinking of or working with renewable energy developers (anywhere in the United States) or a renewable energy developer looking to rationalize your land holdings and use, please visit, email us at, or call us at 312-584-0852.

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