Take Control of Your Assets and Your Future

MSE has provided numerous landowners the option to sell their land or control the timing of when they receive the value of their long-term leases.

There are many reasons why selling your land or lease payments is the best move for you and your family’s future:

– Immediate Cash Payment – Reduce loss of value due to inflation and interest rates. Take a cash payment now instead of waiting for 30-50 years for the full value of your wind or solar farm lease.  MSE will work with you to purchase all or some portion of your land, lease payments or royalties.

Achieve Greater Financial Independence/Flexibility – Use your up-front payment in any way you can imagine: Pay-off outstanding debts; take advantage of high interest rates and make a much higher return on your money; help your family with their needs; give back to your community and faith; or invest in equipment or other real assets.

Estate and Tax Planning – Cash is easier to distribute to your heirs than property interests, especially shared interests. Income from lease payments is normally taxed as ordinary income (potentially over 50% with state and federal income taxes). If you sell your land, rental or royalty income up front, you may be able to obtain long-term capital gains rates of 15-20%. Additionally, the transaction could be eligible for a 1031 tax-free exchange. Please consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before considering or entering in any transaction.*


MSE will pay a referral fee to any landowner that it enters and consummates a transaction with if such landowner refers another landowner and MSE and the referred landowner execute and consummate a transaction.*

* All such referral fees are subject to the terms and conditions provided by MSE.  This notice of a potential referral fee does not constitute an offer and the terms and conditions of such referral fee may be changed at any time by MSE.

*  Tax Advice Disclaimer Footnote: MSE does not provide, nor does this website constitute, tax, legal or accounting advice. Nothing in this website may be relied upon as tax, legal or accounting advice. Each viewer is advised to come to their own conclusions regarding the tax, legal and accounting issues involved in any particular sale or transaction involving your property. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction, and obtain their guidance regarding the U.S. federal and any state or local income tax treatment of the transactions described in this website. You will be solely responsible for the payment of any federal, state or local taxes owed by you as a result of any transaction with MSE.  None of Madison Street Energy, LLC  (“MSE”), its officers, members, board of directors, employees, attorneys, agents, advisors or any of its or their affiliates or representatives (collectively “MSE Parties”), has made any commitment or guarantee to anyone who reads this website that any federal, state or local tax treatment will (or will not) apply or be available to you.   You are in no manner relying on any MSE Party for an assessment of such tax treatment. By reading this website, you acknowledge and agree that you have consulted with tax consultants and financial and legal advisors that you deem reasonable or necessary in connection with any possible transaction you might enter into.

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