MSE Founder Offers Alternative to Traditional Renewable Energy Lease Monetization

October 25, 2023

For over 13 years working in the energy industry and the commercial real estate industry before that, Madison Street Energy founder, Peter Harsy witnessed the “take it or leave it” choice landowners face when they are approached by wind and solar project developers to lease their land for renewable energy production. The formation of Madison Street Energy in 2020 was the result of his goal to provide landowners the option of putting the value of their leases to work by structuring large upfront cash payments so that landowners can re-invest in their businesses, make capital improvements, pay down debt, etc., while avoiding fluctuations in inflation and the possible risk of non-payment by the project owner.

Peter’s vision has made MSE a useful partner for landowners who in response to rising interest rates, want an alternative to the small incremental payments, paid over the term of their 30+ year lease term, all while retaining all rights to their land! If you are a renewable energy leaseholder (anywhere in the United States) and have questions about the value of your wind or solar lease, please visit, email us at, or call us at 312-584-0852.

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