MSE Closes on Acquisition of Renewable Energy Lease in Texas

October 31, 2023

MSE has successfully added another renewable energy lease to its portfolio with its closing of a wind lease buyout. This newest lease acquisition is part of the Panhandle Wind Project in Texas. We continue to demonstrate our ability to help landowners realize their goal of immediately accessing the cash value of their lease.

In light of rising interest rates, MSE is increasingly able to serve as a useful partner for landowners by providing them with large upfront cash payments, instead of the smaller incremental payments, paid over the term of the 30+ year lease term, all while retaining all rights to their land!

By selling their renewable energy leases to MSE these landowners can now put the value of their leases to work by re-investing in their business, making capital improvements, paying down debt, etc., while avoiding fluctuations in inflation and the possible risk of non-payment by the project owner.

If you are a renewable energy leaseholder (anywhere in the United States) and have questions about the value of your wind or solar lease, please visit, email us at, or call us at 312-584-0852. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


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