Land And Renewable Energy Production, Produce Renewable Profits

November 6, 2023

Today’s finance professionals know that the renewable energy sector is a must for a well balanced and conscientious portfolio. As wind and solar farms pop up around the country and the world, a new avenue for gains has been created.

The complexity of these large-scale renewable energy projects offers investors many opportunities to capitalize on the growth of this industry. But where should funds be deployed? Purchase existing operational wind/solar projects? Finance solar panel or wind turbine manufacturers? Work with developers to build a project from the ground up? Each of these directions requires an in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy business and the management of multiple moving parts. Madison Street Energy has identified a financing prospect within the renewable energy sector that is much more familiar to the investing community and integral to every project constructed and according to The Washington Post is often missed, LAND.

MSE recognized the lucrativeness of landownership in relation to renewable energy production, years ago. Since then, we have worked diligently to secure access to increasingly valuable land and land rights needed for wind and solar projects. As a result, we have established ourselves at the forefront of this most significant niche, successfully working with landowners who have chosen to monetize their existing wind and solar lease agreements.

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Joselow, Maxine. “Switching to Wind and Solar Energy Will Require a Lot of Land.” Washington Post, 24 Apr. 2023,

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