Our Commitment to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

November 10, 2020

ESG: Is a term widely used to describe the practice of companies that work to integrate procedures that positively affect Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance issues in their operations

  • Environmental: Making positive impacts on the Environment
  • Social: Using their operations as a tool to promote constructive Social interactions within the industries and communities where they work
  • Corporate Governance: Implementing good Governance practices that ensure transparency and good faith dealings, with both internal coworkers and external counterparties

MSE’S ESG Commitment: As a matter of principal, Madison Street Energy is commitment to ESG matters since it aligns with overall goals and culture of the company’s culture. Moreover, MSE deems it adherence to ESG matters as an important business practice since its one of the keys to remaining a successful company in the long term

 MSE’s ESG Approach

Environmental Impacts – Since generating power from wind and solar renewable energy sources are inherently less harmful to the environment than the use of fossil fuels, one of the main goals of the company’s work is to facilitate the continued growth of wind and solar projects throughout the United States by giving landowners additional payment options that can result in them agreeing to lease their land for such projects or alternatively prevent landowners with existing leases from breaching the terms of a lease in the event they need money sooner that was agreed upon in the original lease agreement.

Social Interactions – The foundation of MSE’s business is the ability to secure, manage and maintain good relationships with individuals and companies that often have vastly different viewpoints and goals. Although the  agricultural landowners with wind leases may not see eye to eye with some financial investors who provide much of the funding needed to complete the transactions, one of MSE’s main jobs is to and make clear that both parties are essential and of equal importance. Once we can best understand everyone’s personal and financial priorities only then can we work on finding common ground that will ultimately benefit all parties.

 Governance Practices – In keeping with our relationship-based approach with our landowner and investor partners, MSE’s business is committed to building and maintaining positive relationships with various groups of people, many of which have different priorities and points of views. As a result, obtaining and maintaining trust is a necessity which can only be achieved by ensuring that MSE is always completely transparent. This takes many forms and includes everything from promptly notifying parties with disappointing updates  to making sure MSE is retaining consistently accurate and up to date financial records that are available to share whenever requested investors or required to be provided to third parties.


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