Sell Your Wind Royalties

November 11, 2020

What are wind royalties? Wind royalties is a term commonly used to describe a landowner’s contractual rights (which are separate from his/her real estate rights) that entitle the landowner or his/her assignee the right to receive rent payments owed under a lease, that has granted a wind company the right to install and operate parts of a wind farm on the landowner’s property for a certain number of years.  

Why would someone want to sell his/or here wind royalties? The main reason for selling rights to future wind royalties is the immediate lump sum cash payment that the wind company pays the landowner. The landowner then does not have to wait for the entire lease term to receive his/her funds. In addition, although not many people realize this, most leases allow the wind company to terminate the lease and stop payment at any time. By selling all rights for the upfront lump sum the landowner does not have to worry about the future risk of loss.

What are the benefits of selling your wind royalties to MSE rather than to some other buyer? Unlike the few other larger companies that buy wind royalties (in addition to buying royalties from other sources like billboards, cell towers, and oil and gas leases) MSE solely focuses on buying renewable energy royalties. Moreover, MSE is not operated by generalist employees, instead it is run by former wind project developers with vast experience in all facets of constructing, owning and operating wind projects. You will always be speaking or meeting with an industry specialist, who is incentivized to get you the best and most accurate information as quickly as possible, so we can make a deal.

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