Renewable Energy Royalties: Alternative Opportunities to Invest in the Energy Transition

November 16, 2023

Not all clean energy investments are the same. As the renewable energy industry has expanded, so too have the number of opportunities to invest in the energy transition. Although information about nascent renewable energy technology and price fluctuations in publicly traded clean energy company attract the most media attention, its important to note that there are alternatives to investing in these traditional segments. More specifically, Accredited Investors, Qualified Purchasers and Institutional Investors have other options to invest in the energy transition in manners that align with their existing investment risk tolerance.
Madison Street Energy (MSE) has a successfully established the opportunity for one such alternative option, RENEWABLE ENERGY ROYALTIES. MSE specializes in acquiring renewable energy royalties which provide long-term stable cash flow streams, typically for 30 years or more. Since the solar lease rental streams and wind lease royalties targeted by MSE are generated from existing operating projects, its automatically able to insulate investments for the risks associated with attention grabbing headlines about cancelled plans for new wind, solar or storage energy projects.


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