Wind Energy Offers New Job Growth and Income Option for Land Owners

January 11, 2021

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the wind energy market is the fastest growing sector of the renewable energy market. As a result local economies are benefitting from job growth in the three major phases of wind power projects: manufacturing, project development and operation and maintenance. All areas are expected to see greater job growth as the industry expands.

Besides the first tier jobs in these three labor sectors, related jobs in accounting, banking and any number of service industry jobs are needed to provide support to workers on the front line.

This fast-growing renewable energy market has provided the opportunity for many rural, agricultural, ranch and other rural landowners to receive a passive source of supplemental income paid in incremental installments over a period of 20-50 years in return for leasing a small portion of their land to large financially strong energy companies that install and operate one or more wind turbines on their land.

Until recently many of these landowners were not being given the opportunity to decide when and how they receive this additional income. Specifically, landowners who prefer one large upfront cash payment rather than smaller incremental payments over many years now have the option to make their own decision.

Madison Street Energy LLC is one of a handful of companies who are purchasing the future wind lease royalties payments owed under long-term renewable energy leases from landowners. Moreover, unlike the few other companies offering similar buyouts, what sets MSE apart from the competition is that we structure the lease buyouts in manners that respect the individual needs of the landowners and the rights to their land.

With the number of wind turbines increasing by the day, this new investment option provides an opportunity for both landowners and investors. For the landowners it is an opportunity for faster lease monetization. For investors these leases offer a predictable long term investment option. For further information contact .


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