Surprisingly, These “Red States” Lead the Way in Renewable Wind Energy

January 11, 2021

In spite of the political discord and climate change controversies, several “red states” are leading the way in renewable wind energy. According to the American Wind Association (AWEA) wind energy provides more that 20% of all electrical energy in just six states: Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota as well as Maine. Regardless of political representation, leaders in these states have recognized the value of the fast growing renewable market. In fact this fast growing industry is present in 70% of the congressional districts in the United States that are represented by both Republicans and Democrats.

Regardless of political party, the inevitable job creation that this industry has produced is a boon to economies in any state. Furthermore this is an industry that is picking up speed and has unlimited potential.

As the renewable market grows so do other opportunities beyond the initial investments. Madison Street Energy LLC is one of a handful of companies who are purchasing the future wind lease royalties payments owed under long-term renewable energy leases from landowners.

Specifically, landowners receive one large upfront cash payment rather than smaller incremental payments over many years. Madison Street Energy LLC (MSE) is now able to offer immediate irrevocable cash payments to landowners in exchange for future rent payments to MSE. Moreover, since MSE doesn’t request or need any rights to the actual property itself, the landowners do not experience unexpected interruptions or visits that they often receive from the developers, construction companies and/or owners of the wind turbines.

What sets MSE apart from the competition is that they are able to structure the lease buyouts in a way that respects the individual needs of the landowners without interfering with the rights to their land. With the number of wind turbines increasing by the day, this new investment option provides an opportunity for both landowners and investors. For the landowners it is an opportunity for faster lease monetization. For investors these leases offer a predictable long term investment option. For further information contact

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